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The next Game at Home is on 01/12/2015, 19:00 o`clock against SMS U20 Sosnowiec.
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To show possible Series in the Home Results from Zaglebie Sosnowiec
the last Games marked with W = Win, L = Loss, D = Draw.
27/11/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - MUKS Orlik Opole3:5 FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH Losers Stage
20/11/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - Nesta Torun9:4 FT (W)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH Losers Stage
13/11/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - GKS Tychy1:6 FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
27/10/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - SMS U20 Sosnowiec6:1 FT (W)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
25/10/2015. 17:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - TMH Polonia Bytom5:3 FT (W)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
18/10/2015. 17:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - MUKS Orlik Opole3:5 (1 : 1) (1 : 2) (1 : 2) FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
13/10/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - Comarch Cracovia2:9 FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
09/10/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - TatrySki Podhale2:3 (0 : 0) (2 : 2) (0 : 1) FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
04/10/2015. 17:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - JKH GKS Jastrzebie1:4 FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
29/09/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - Nesta Torun5:2 FT (W)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
20/09/2015. 17:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - Naprzod Janow3:4 (0 : 1) (1 : 2) (2 : 0) n.V. FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
15/09/2015. 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - TH Unia Oswiecim2:3 FT (L)Poland Hockey ResultsPLH
Statistics Over / Under Goal Statistics Games Home Zaglebie Sosnowiec
Most frequent plays this Team its Games at Home Over 5,5 (75%)
Zaglebie Sosnowiec mades on Home Games a average of 3.4 Goals per Match,
away Teams made with Zaglebie Sosnowiec a average of 3.8 Goals per Match.

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Schedules Scheduled Matches Home Zaglebie Sosnowiec

The current Schedules for upcoming Matches Home for Hockey Team Zaglebie Sosnowiec.
01/12/15, 19:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - SMS U20 SosnowiecHockey H2H Statistics H2H Hockey H2H Direct H2H Direct
06/12/15, 17:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - Naprzod JanowHockey H2H Statistics H2H Hockey H2H Direct H2H Direct
13/12/15, 18:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - TMH Polonia BytomHockey H2H Statistics H2H Hockey H2H Direct H2H Direct
03/01/16, 18:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - Nesta TorunHockey H2H Statistics H2H Hockey H2H Direct H2H Direct
10/01/16, 18:00Zaglebie Sosnowiec - MUKS Orlik OpoleHockey H2H Statistics H2H Hockey H2H Direct H2H Direct
more Hockey Schedules for Home Matches for Team Zaglebie Sosnowiec :
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Hockey Schedule Zaglebie Sosnowiec

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/ = Win
- = Draws
\ = Loss
n.V. = Overtime Match Result
n.P. = Penalty shootout Result
FT = Fulltime
CA = Game canceled
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The last Refresh of the Hockey Results for Team Zaglebie Sosnowiec was 21:35 o`clock.
Next update of the Home Stats will be with the next Game on 01/12/2015, 19:00 o`clock against Team SMS U20 Sosnowiec.
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