HV 71 - Skellefteċ AIK Game Result, Statistics and Goals - 26/01/2012
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Hockey HV 71 - Skellefteċ AIK Game Result and Goals

The Team HV 71 won the Game against Skellefteċ AIK with Result 3 : 2 (0 : 0) (2 : 0) (1 : 2) .
The Hockey Game was on 26/01/2012, 19:00 o`clock within the League Elitserien.
It was part of the 42. Gameday Games from the Elitserien Season.
Status of the Game HV 71 vs Skellefteċ AIK is finished, Full Time (FT).
The Hockey Match was played over the full regular Time.
The Result of this Match was added or updated on 26/01 at 21:15 to the Hockey Result Service.
   Final Result1. of Third2. of Third3. of Third
HV 71  3021
Skellefteċ AIK  2001

Hockey Goals and Goal Scorer HV 71
30. Minute, Goal to 1:0 by Goal Scorer D. Grillfors
30. Minute, ass. J. Voutilainen
30. Minute, ass. J. Davidsson
32. Minute, Goal to 2:0 by Goal Scorer T. Kristiansen
32. Minute, ass. J. Krog
32. Minute, ass. D. Petrasek
49. Minute, Goal to 3:1 by Goal Scorer D. Grillfors
49. Minute, ass. J. Davidsson

Hockey Goals and Goal Scorer Skellefteċ AIK
47. Minute, Goal to 2:1 by Goal Scorer P. Bellemare
47. Minute, ass. B. Holloway
47. Minute, ass. J. Lindström
58. Minute, Goal to 3:2 by Goal Scorer B. Holloway
58. Minute, ass. J. Lindström
58. Minute, ass. L. Goren

ScheduleSchedule HV 71 - Skellefteċ AIK

24/01/17, 19:00Hockey H2H   Skellefteċ AIK - HV 71   (Elitserien Sweden)
24/02/17, 19:00Hockey H2H   HV 71 - Skellefteċ AIK   (Elitserien Sweden)

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Before this Match Växjö Lakers HC played against HV 71 within the League Elitserien
and won with the Result 2:1 (0 : 0) (1 : 0) (0 : 1) n.P. Hockey Details and Skellefteċ AIK played within the League
Elitserien against Brynäs IF and won with the final Result 2:1 (0 : 1) (1 : 0) (0 : 0) n.P. Hockey Details.
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HV 71 and Skellefteċ AIK befor this Game on 26/01/2012 at 19:00 .
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